A History of Hair Treatments

A History of Hair Treatments

Throughout the ages our hair has always been our crowning glory – something we’ve been rather attached to since the dawn of civilization. And as soon as we realized our hair was in dire jeopardy of potentially falling out forever, cures and remedies have sprung up to manage and prevent losing it.

Ancient Egyptians had many bizarre remedies to counter hair loss. In fact, a papyrus dating back to 1550 BC mentions “treating” the scalp by painfully sticking it with boiled porcupine quills. Unfortunately, no before-and-after hieroglyphics showing hair growth results have been found.

In Roman times, having natural hair worn long and luxurious was favored by all, especially men. And no Emperor was more self-conscious about his thinning hair than Julius Caesar. A general, accustomed to cutting-off retreating armies, he valiantly fought a losing battle to stop his own retreating hairline.

Although Julius wasn’t the first man of celebrity to employ creative combing as a means of disguising his hair loss, he was perhaps the most influential. His brushed-forward, hairstyle, “the Caesar” is perhaps still, the most popular men’s hair style of the day. When that didn’t quite cut it – Julius took to wearing a laurel wreath to cover it all up.

Wreaths eventually made way to more elaborate hairpieces, such as those found in 17th century France. The trend started with King Louis XIV who wore big wigs with powdered shoulder-length curls that soon became the rage. Marie Antoinette however, brought French aristocratic hairstyles through the roof – literally. Her towering, elaborately powdered masterpieces marked the both height of this particular trend, and her eventual downfall.

The latter part of the 19th century brought an abundance of so-called snake oil treatments. Sleezy salesmen promised a miracle cure to grow hair – topical ointments that may or may not actually have contained oils from snakes – with the proclamation to “just rub it on and wait!”

Needless to say, the wait was long and fruitless.

Moving into the technological age in the early 20th century brought a slew of inventive hair loss “treatments”, such as an unwieldy vacuum helmet designed to suck on the scalp and increase circulation. Although invented with good intentions, the results left a lot to be desired!

Luckily we’ve finally entered a new era of design, innovation and scientific engineering!

With years of scientific studies on low-level laser therapy and stringent clinical trials, HairMax is a hair loss treatment that actually works. Through photobiostimulation, HairMax hair growth laser devices deliver therapeutic laser light directly to the hair follicles. This boost of light energy revitalizes and enlivens weakened hair follicles to stimulate growth factors and reverse the thinning process. This will help extend and restore the hair’s natural growth cycle, resulting in hair growth with increased density, fullness and vibrancy.

Laser Photo-therapy has been used in hair loss and hair restoration clinics around the world with great success. However, these treatments are inaccessible to most, as they are costly and require ongoing visits. HairMax has taken the astonishing success of Laser Photo-therapy and developed the first hair growth device for home use. After the submission of 7 extensive clinical studies with 460 men and women, HairMax was granted the first FDA Clearance as a home use medical device to treat hair loss and stimulate hair growth in both men and women. Study participants experienced significant new hair growth – with an average increase in hair count of 129 additional new hairs per square inch. To date, HairMax holds an impressive 8 FDA clearances!

With an over 90% success rate, clinically proven to regrow hair, and shown to be safe and effective in extensive clinical studies, your hair has a future with HairMax.

Give your hair a future – Step up to HairMax!

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