Give Your Hair A Future!

Give Your Hair A Future!

Your hair looks great now, but what happens in 10 years? 15 years? Unless you're one of the lucky few, odds are you will experience some thinning or baldness at some point in your life. In fact, according to the American Hair Loss Association, two-thirds of men will begin to experience thinning or hair loss by the time they are thirty years old.

Once the big 5-0 rolls around, about 85 percent of men will have experienced a significant amount of thinning. Which is why it’s important to implement a good hair care routine when you’re young and start thinking about supporting your scalp and follicle health as early as possible – before it’s too late!

The truth of it is, hair follicles weaken, shrink and can even die over time, and once that happens they’ll never grow hair again. However, you can act now to protect and encourage healthy hair growth. This doesn’t require you to take medicine, apply lotions or undergo surgery. It’s a simple and drug free solution based on the healing and life-giving energy of light.

All life forms, plants and animals, derive life-giving sustenance from the sun’s energy. And that is also true of our hair. During the summer months when we are exposed to extended hours of natural sunlight our hair grows faster and thicker. It is the pure red spectrum of sunlight that stimulates blood supply to our scalp and provokes this biological phenomenon, also known as photobiostimulation.

Science has now harnessed this energy to provide mankind with a therapeutic solution to hair loss in the form of laser hair therapy. Clinical studies have shown that low-level laser light therapy can help stop the progression of hair loss and stimulate re-growth. HairMax, the global leader in home-use laser technology for hair growth, has led the way with its innovative HairMax laser technology to help hair loss sufferers regrow their hair without drugs or worrisome side effects.

HairMax laser devices deliver gentle, nourishing laser light to your hair follicles that stimulates cellular energy production to create a healthier environment for hair growth. This boost of laser light encourages more blood flow to the follicle, bringing in more oxygen and nutrients, activating antioxidant defenses, and speeding up the elimination of waste products such as DHT. HairMax laser light treatments help restore your hair’s natural growth cycles resulting in new hair growth with increased density, fullness, and vibrancy.

Seven clinical studies with 460 subjects were conducted with HairMax at top medical research centers in the USA. Over 90% of participants experienced significant hair growth with an average increase of 129 additional hairs per square inch. In addition to new hair growth, HairMax users also report increased density and fullness of hair, reversal of the thinning process and an overall improvement of scalp health.

HairMax devices are recommended by doctors, sold in over 170 countries and have been used by over 1.5 million men and women around the world to transform their thinning, lifeless hair into fuller, denser, healthier hair.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to give your hair a future!

Act now – and step up to HairMax!

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