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Laser 272 Grow & Go Bundle

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Bundle & Save with the Laser 272 Grow & Go Bundle. This bundle includes everything you need to start your hair restoration journey. This bundle includes the Laser 272 PowerFlex cap that incorporates 272 laser diodes evenly spaced within a flexible, lightweight inner liner. The Density STIMUL8 Shampoo & EXHILAR8 Conditioner kit blended with our unique biologically active NRG8pLEX™, Hair Skin & Nails Dietary supplements & our Quick Dry Hair Towel to quickly dry your hair without the damage or frizz caused by most terry cloth towels.

Laser 272 PowerFlex Cap

The HairMax PowerFlex 272 Laser Cap works by delivering laser light to the scalp, energizing and activating hair follicles to stimulate hair growth. Our PowerFlex Design incorporates 272 laser diodes evenly spaced within a flexible, lightweight inner liner. The laser liner is placed into a discreet baseball type cap. For versatility, it can also be inserted into your favorite baseball cap or other hats.

  • Laser 272 Cap incorporates 272 high quality laser diodes within a silicone bio engineered custom molded liner to provide maximum laser light energy to the scalp.
  • The PowerFlex design, with anatomically engineered liner perimeter provides form fitting comfort and maximum flexibility during treatment for best results.
  • Dual operating mode technology for a choice of constant or pulsing laser light wave – 15 min or 30 min treatment time.
  • Rechargeable Battery Pack for freedom of movement.
  • Controller with illuminated treatment timer and battery level indicator.
  • Water resistant for thorough and easy cleaning.
  • Lock-in USB omni directional micro-cable for security.




Density STIMUL8 Shampoo & EXHILAR8 Conditioner Kit

Blended with the unique biologically active NRG8-pLEX™, HairMax STIMUL8™ and EXHILAR8™ is the first step in the Density Hair Care System, scientifically developed to energize and reactivate the hair.

  • 10 fl oz/300ml bottles
  • Leaves hair ultra-clean, as it helps remove impurities
  • Supports hair strength and defends against breakage
  • Adds visible body and volume
  • Moisture balancing properties

Hair, Skin & Nails Dietary Supplements

HairMax Dietary Supplements are scientifically formulated for women & men with some of the world’s leading hair growth researchers and recommended by physicians worldwide.

Our natural complex is blended with clinically proven hair strengtheners to help support healthier hair. HairMax Dietary Supplements provide essential nutrients to help your hair look its best! They also strengthen nails and contribute to healthy looking skin.

60 capsules – 30 day supply Supports Healthy Hair Growth from the Inside Out. Gluten Free Formula.

HairMax Dietary Supplements Contain:

  • 2500 mcg of Biotin per serving to help produce keratin, increase hair elasticity and help maintain hair health
  • Niacin helps improve blood circulation to the hair bulb
  • Contains DHT blockers (Beta Sistosterol & Saw Palmetto)
  • Contains MSM (sulfur) for healthy collagen and keratin, which are essential to healthy hair growth
  • Contains powerful antioxidants to support healthy scalp

Density STIMUL8 Shampoo & EXHILAR8 Conditioner Kit

Save your hair with our ultra absorbent microfiber towel. Dry your hair quickly without the damage or frizz caused by most terry cloth towels. This super plush towel pampers your hair as it quickly dries by gently absorbing moisture. Your hair is ready for leave-in products, laser treatments or styling in no time.

Reduce your hair drying time by 50%!
Towel size: Large 19” x 52” (One size fits all)

  • Gently absorbs water without roughing hair
  • Significantly shortens air or blow drying time
  • Minimizes heat damage due to blow drying
  • Reduces hair breakage and frizz
  • Reduces damage due to roughing hair shaft
  • Reduces split ends