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Total mW Output 1230 mW
1230 mW
Total Laser Coverage
Hair Parting Teeth for Maximum Efficacy Yes Yes

The Pioneer in Laser Hair Growth

Over 1.8 Million Devices Worldwide Since 2000

HairMax is the pioneer of at-home laser hair regrowth technology and is the undisputed global leader in the field, bringing doctor recommended laser light treatments to hair loss sufferers around the world. Whether you're experiencing bald spots, receding hair line or general thinning. HairMax is the drug free way to regrow your hair. FDA Clearances* Clinical Studies


FDA Clearances*


Clinical Studies


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Better Laser Coverage

with LaserBand 82

LaserBand 82

LaserBand 82
82 lasers x 3 areas = 246 Total

Lasers are uniformly and densely placed in the LaserBand 82 device. This creates uniform coverage over the scalp and consistent light energy disbursement. No gaps, more coverage, better results.

Capillus 82

Capillus Cap

Lasers on the Capillus cap are widely spaced, resulting in inconsistent light dispersion, less laser coverage and inferior treatment.

Patented Hair Parting Teeth

For Optimal Results

LaserBand 82

A very important feature on the LaserBand 82 are the patented hair parting teeth. Hair is designed by nature as a photo protectant, its purpose is to block sunlight from the scalp. The teeth on the LaserBand 82 part your hair to help deliver the light energy and provide an unobstructed path to the hair follicles for optimal results.

LaserBand 82

Capillus Cap

The Capillus cap is designed as a cap and does not feature hair parting teeth. Your hair, being a photo protectant, significantly blocks the light energy from reaching your hair follicles. Root stimulation does not occur or is greatly reduced.

HairMax for Density Bio-Active Therapy for Thinning Hair

An aromatherapeutic experience that transforms hair & scalp

HairMax® for Density Bio-Active Hair Therapy is a scientifically innovated thinning hair care product line, created by hair growth experts. Our proprietary NRG8-pLEX® contains fortifying Bio-Active ingredients delivered through advanced liposome technology to help support hair and scalp with increased energy, stimulation and essential nourishment.

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