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Alena Michaels

Co-Founder and Life Coach

Years at HairMax: 😀 since day 1 LOL

Favorite HairMax Product & Why: The HairCare line. It’s been a quest to find a good shampoo and conditioner, let alone leave-in treatment. I alternate between the 4 products and love the way my hair feels after using them. Having a long hair, I am very picky about a good conditioner. HairMax brand not only does what it’s supposed to do – to condition my hair – it is also easy to comb through hair without any tangling my hair or even weighing it down. I really love the feeling of silky, smooth and healthy hair, not even mentioning the great scent! The best part is that the bioactive ingredients in these products do not wash off, and my hair absorbs them, hence the feel and texture. I receive so many compliments about my hair that now even my hairdresser sells HairMax brand in her salon.

What I enjoy the most about my job at HairMax: Connecting with the team members and supporting them on a personal as well as professional levels. It is rewarding for me to see their growth within the company as well as individual.

What I like to do on my time off: What time off? 😀 Balancing between my master’s degree, work, and family, I appreciate the “me” time where I meditate, workout, and do other activities as a part of self-care. I always look for more new and fun ways to educate myself, to satisfy my curiosity and to share what I know with those I meet with.


Francesca Dubsky

Director of Marketing

Years at HairMax: 13

Favorite HairMax Product & Why: There’s no easy answer here, because I love so many of our products, but if I had to pick one it would be the LaserBand 82! This device, above all is a true game changer. It’s easy to use and super fast which helps me be compliant with the treatments. I keep one on my desk and do my treatments in the morning while I check my emails. Done and done! It just works! The LaserBand82 has been my little secret in keeping my hair as thick and healthy as it was 20 years ago! (oh, and I love Density Hair Care too! )

What I enjoy the most about my job at HairMax: Our team … there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t smile and laugh. I love working on new campaigns and videos and just the whole creative process that goes with it. I also LOVE speaking with HairMax users and hearing how HairMax has changed their hair and ultimately how they feel about the way they look.

What I like to do on my time off: I love spending my time off cooking, reading and playing with my giant puppy Daisy Doodle. I also love hiking, downhill skiing (I’m still doing green runs) and visiting my kids in California and Colorado. I’ve always loved the American West and am so happy to have the opportunity to go there frequently.


Chris LaTorre

Senior Account Manager

Years at HairMax: 5 Years

Favorite HairMax Product & Why: – LB82 – The champion product in our line of LaserBands. The LaserBand 82 is also the most versatile device in our product line with the capability of fitting most head sizes with large, medium, and small removable/replaceable teeth. It is the only device in the line that can be recommended for use in the early, middle, and latter stages of thinning.

What I enjoy the most about my job at HairMax: The culture. HairMax is a company where creativity is encouraged, not denigrated. Innovation is cultivated from an environment that puts the customer’s satisfaction first and exceptionally executed by the efforts of a TEAM rather than the individual.

What I like to do on my time off: In my leisure time, I enjoy for putting smiles on my children’s faces. Whether we’re taking them to Disney World or just making up funny stories before bed, as long as they’re smiling, I’m happy.


Larry Swensen

National Account Sales

Years at HairMax: 10 Years

Favorite HairMax Product & Why: I really like our new Shampoo and Conditioner. I’ve never used too many different hair care products but the combination of the STIMUL8 Shampoo and the EXHILAR8 Conditioner really works well on my hair.

What I enjoy the most about my job at HairMax: Working with a great team!

What I like to do on my time off: Enjoy playing golf, a bit of boating and taking care of Tobey our Golden Retriever.


Angela Shivprasad

Strategic Account Manager

Years at HairMax: 1 Year

Favorite HairMax Product & Why: Tough question! I’m personally using the PowerFlex 272 LaserCap, but I hear so many customers say they love the LaserBand 82. Don’t make me choose 🙂

What I enjoy the most about my job at HairMax: I love the commitment to science. It is the main ingredient in every device and formula the team innovates, and the results show it!

What I like to do on my time off: I’m a new arrival to South Florida, my time off is spent connecting with my relatives, exploring the beach, and searching for a good roti shop.


Len Stillman

Vice President, Medical Affairs

Years at HairMax: 13 Years

Favorite HairMax Product & Why: The HairMax LaserBand 82 and LaserBand 41 are my favorites as they are the only laser phototherapy devices that treat the entire scalp.

What I enjoy the most about my job at HairMax: Ability to enrich the lives of hair loss suffers, by offering them a treatment that can regrow their hair.

What I like to do on my time off: A lot of reading and listening to opera.


Harrison Wendland

Project Manager/Coordinator and Executive Assistant

Years at HairMax: Less than a year (5 months)

Favorite HairMax Product & Why: My favorite HairMax product is not a product that we deliver but everything that we embody as an organization. This has become the best complement for the MBA program that I am part of. There has not been one product more than another that has become my favorite. I know that when the full potential of everyone in the company is brought together, every product we create will be a winner.

What I enjoy the most about my job at HairMax: I love the challenge. I love the grind. I like that I can work with all departments of the company and truly understand what makes the company operate. It has been an incredible experience thus far working alongside some of the brightest minds that I’ve ever met. There have certainly been a great deal of mistakes and errors in judgement that have been made during my tenure here but the reactions to those mistakes and errors have been some of the best learning experiences for me. The people are great, and I love the opportunity to become passionate about a product that truly impacts the consumer positively and changes their life for the better.

What I like to do on my time off: Learn. I like to continue to improve myself and become all that God has created for me to be. You can find me working on a business plan for a university extension I’m consulting for, reading a book, writing, or networking. I also love health and fitness and am very passionate about holistic health.


Isis Martinez

Web Developer

Years at HairMax: 1 Year

Favorite HairMax Product & Why: Density 3 Pieces Starter Kit.
This kit is my favorite product because it’s great for traveling and bringing it on the go whenever you need it. It’s a very practical bundle with rich natural ingredients that help you maintain your hair health and keeping it beautiful all the time.

What I enjoy the most about my job at HairMax: I love the creativity and diversity of the job that we do every day at HairMax. We have great professionals that love their job and make every day an adventure full of learning, challenges and professional growing.

What I like to do on my time off: I love spending quality time with my family. We enjoy family dinners, and relaxing by the pool. I also love the beach and exploring this beautiful country whenever is possible.


Walter Urban


Years at HairMax: 5 Months

Favorite HairMax Product & Why: All the products are excellent technology and value. So very hard to choose a favorite. I just wish I would have stated at HairMax years ago. I could have learned about all the incredible products and started using them back then!

What I enjoy the most about my job at HairMax: Working with the incredible team that make up HairMax. Smart, hardworking people who really care about the company, the product line, the team and most importantly HairMax customers.

What I like to do on my time off: I enjoy spending time with my three incredible daughters, skiing in the winter and exercising.


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