Hair Fibers as a hair thinning solution: Let’s discuss

Hair Fibers as a hair thinning solution: Let’s discuss

Do you have hair that’s barely there? Thinning part lines? Bald spots? Scalp showing through where there used to be hair? If mother nature didn’t gift you with the full head of hair you crave – there is a way you can take your hair from barely there – to a full looking head of hair, quickly and easily. So what is this magic potion? Well it’s really not magic at all – It’s HairMax Hair Building Fibers. These fibers are perfect for men and women looking for a less permanent hair loss solution.

First off, what exactly are hair fibers?

Hair fibers are also known as hair concealer or hair camouflage due to their effectiveness at concealing and camouflaging hair loss. These transformative hair-building fibers dramatically increase the look of thickness, volume, and density in hair. The high-grade fibers are made from keratin protein, the same type of protein as your real hair. The building particles work by blending and clinging to existing hair to hide any balding and thinning areas. You just sprinkle these hairy looking fibers on your existing hair to conceal thinning areas and create a completely natural look that lasts all day. They blend in undetectably and statically cling to your existing hair giving you natural-looking thickness, volume and the confidence that comes with having a full head of hair.

HairMax Hair Fibers are fluffier, silkier and lightweight, so they go on smooth and easy – with no clumping. They are uniform in length and width, providing a natural looking coverage that appears more like real human hair. Hair density and volume are dramatically increased upon application and balding, thinning areas instantly vanish. The electrostatic properties provide outstanding adhesion to existing hair, allowing the fibers to securely stay in place through humidity, wind and perspiration. They are also an excellent option to temporarily cover up roots between colour treatments.

HairMax Fibers are compatible with hair loss treatments such as HairMax laser light therapy, minoxidil and Propecia. They can also be used after hair transplantation surgery to cover up any temporary post-operative scabs and thinning. 

Take a look for yourself

Yes, in a matter of seconds, Dan transformed his hair from thin to thick and his bald spot vanished!

Bonnie’s little thinning spot was front and centre on her head – with just a few shakes of HairMax Fibers, the spot disappears and her hair looks thicker and fuller!

Still have more questions?

We understand. Here are a few that frequently get asked.

How do HairMax Fibers stay in place?

HairMax Fibers stay in place because of the static charge between the Fibers and your hair. Just sprinkle them onto your hair, pat or lightly brush and you are ready to go! You can spray on a little hair spray, if you want, for extra staying power.

What happens if it rains and your hair gets wet?

HairMax Fibers stay securely in place even in rain, perspiration and wind.

Can I use styling products with HairMax Fibers?

Hair Fibers should be applied after the use of hair dryers, flat irons, or curling irons. Styling products, such as gels and mousses should be applied prior to applying HairMax Fibers. Let styling products dry before applying HairMax Fibers.

Do Hair Fibers work on all types of hair?

HairMax Fibers work on all hair types. They are safe to use with colour treated hair.

Do HairMax Fibers come in my hair colour?

HairMax Fibers are available in 9 natural looking, blendable colours so you can match them up perfectly with your hair colour. Also, our no fade processing ensures that the colours will stay true and not fade.

I am currently using a HairMax Laser to treat my hair loss. Can I use HairMax Fibers at the same time?

Yes, you can use HairMax Fibers to conceal your hair loss while waiting for the hair growth benefits of the Laser treatment to take effect. We recommend you wash out the Hair Fibers before each laser treatment.

How long will a bottle of HairMax Fibers last?

It depends on how frequently you use the product, our 30gr. bottle will last approximately 60 days with daily use.

Tips on how to style hair when using hair fibers

Tip 1: Always apply on dry hair
For better adhesion, it is recommended to always apply the fibers to the hair once it has completely dried. This is to avoid any lumpy particles from occurring.

Tip 2: Make sure you’re choosing the correct fiber colour
It is best to choose a hair fiber that naturally resembles your current hair colour. If one of the colours does not match, you can always mix two colours together to find your shade.

Tip 3: Don’t overdo it
You will want to avoid applying too many hair fiber as it can start to look unnatural when overdone. A small amount goes a long way. It is recommended to apply the fibers in layers to see if any more are needed.

Tip 4: Use an applicator
The Hair Fiber Applicator is a handy tool to use when applying the hair fibers as the device makes is much more convenient to spray the fibers on more precisely to the hair. As it is dispersing the fibers consistently, this helps provide a more natural look.

Tip 5: Avoid water and moisture
Once you’ve applied the hair fibers, it’s best to avoid the pool, or any strenuous activity that may cause sweating. Any contact with water or moisture will effect the fibers and make them look less natural.

Tip 6: Pair with a hair regrowth shampoo/conditioner
Before applying the fibers, it’s important to wash your hair with a thickening shampoo and conditioner to help nourish and stimulate hair growth. You will start to notice your hair looking healthier and fuller.

Tip 7: Use after hair styling
Just as you want to avoid water and moisture, you also want to avoid any hot styling tools and products from touching the hair fibers. Always style your hair first, then apply the fibers.

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