How To Stimulate Hair Growth With The LaserBand 82 Comfort Flex

How To Stimulate Hair Growth With The LaserBand 82 Comfort Flex

The LaserBand 82 Comfort Flex delivers therapeutic light energy to your scalp to stimulate your hair follicles, reverse thinning, increase density & fullness, restore your hair’s natural growth cycle and promote fuller, healthier hair growth.

The new flexible band design incorporates patented soft touch teeth to part your hair during treatment and maximise laser light delivery to your follicles. Working in unison, the hair parting teeth, the laser light intensity, and laser light density provide a highly effective treatment. Without hair parting teeth, the hair can block the majority of the laser light energy from reaching the follicles.

Engineered with these unique features:

  • Delivers therapeutic light energy to stimulate hair follicles, reverse thinning, restore your hair’s natural growth cycle and promote hair growth
  • 82 Medical grade lasers (No LEDs)
  • 246 Total laser coverage when moved over 3 areas of the scalp - Front, Middle and Back
  • Fastest treatment time – as little as 90 sec, 3 days a week
  • Flexible band design for a comfortable treatment
  • Full scalp coverage
  • Soft touch patented hair parting teeth to deliver light energy to scalp
  • Cordless & lightweight

Treatment Instructions:

Your LaserBand 82 will be used in 3 positions on your scalp. Leave it in place for a minimum of 30 seconds for each position. It will vibrate every 30 seconds to let you know when to move it to the next part of your scalp.

To start your treatment, press the power button once. Place your LaserBand 82 at your hairline and leave it in place until it vibrates. This is position 1.

When you feel the vibration, slide your LaserBand 82 backwards about 3 inches to position 2, the middle portion of your scalp.

Use light pressure so the teeth can separate your hair. Leave it in position 2 until you feel the vibration again.

Repeat the 30 second procedure on position 3. You will have then completed that day's treatment and can store your device in the cradle until your next treatment.

Results Over Time:









Doctor Recommended: 

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Dr. Stephen Cabral gives his honest product review of the LaserBand 82, shared on the Cabral Concept podcast.

Dr. Cabral has appeared in every type of media outlet as a national health & wellness consultant, as well as a contributor to MTV, Men’s Health, Women’s Day, Maxim, SELF,, NutritionData, Conde Naste, and many others. He has also authored and co-authored 4 books and published over 1,100 articles.

After almost 20 years, world wide internships, dozens of certifications in the natural health field and a doctoral degree in Naturopathy, you can rest assured that Dr. Cabral’s knowledge, experience, and compassion are at the top of his field.

Don’t have time to listen to the whole thing? 

No problem! Read the transcript below!

“Hi everyone and welcome back to the show! We are here today with our Friday review. I’m glad you could join me! Always excited to recap the week and really give you an "anything goes" show, where I go over some of my favourite books that I’ve been reading, I go over product reviews almost every single week.

Sometimes it’s favourite foods thrown in there. And of course, always research that I believe pertains to you that you can absolutely use for yourself, a client, a patient, or a loved one in your life.

So that is no different on today's show!

The next product I wanted to go over today is – we've been talking a good amount about hair loss and different hair-based treatments. So the first thing I want to mention is this: that there should be – and I want to be sensitive around this topic – losing your hair, is not something that I want you to take to heart as part of your overall sense of self-worth and who you are.

It's very, very important to look at that, meaning a lot of people get into really a down state. And I know this because I’m working with them every day in my practice. But what I want to say is this, that there are a lot of modalities now that we can use that are more cutting-edge to allow you to regrow hair, to allow you to help with thinning hair, and to hopefully at least stop the hair loss that you have right now.

So, we’re going to be coming out with an entire hair-based system, based on all the cutting-edge technology, herbs, nutritional supplements, etc. later this year (probably closer more towards September/October 2020). But that doesn’t mean I can’t start to drip out all the information to you, and I have been doing that on the podcasts.

Well, one more product today is by a company called HairMax – and again I will link up this specific product because this is a new one. You might have seen the red laser therapy before with the individual units, or like the baseball hats, or the helmets. One of the ways that HairMax now has gone to that next level, it’s called the HairMax LaserBand 82. Everyone’s trying to “better the best”, that’s my opinion, and I like companies that are trying to “better the best”!

So, they had the baseball hat before with over 270 of those red laser diodes. But now the new one actually takes less time, and it comes with essentially what looks like a comb because what they were finding was that the scalp actually has to be exposed. Having hair on your head actually blocks the laser from reaching the scalp. So, you need to move the hair out of the way.
What they created was a double-sided comb that attaches to this smaller laser band, that you can use for as little as, essentially in the beginning, 90 seconds per treatment, 3 times a week.

You know that I won’t promote something unless it actually works! So here’s how it works:
What we’re using is red laser therapy. We know red laser therapy is good for the mitochondria, we know that it helps with hair loss. We know that specifically because the science shows it. Now with the HairMax LaserBand 82 what it does is, is it actually parts the hair: it gets the hair out of the way so the light can actually hit the scalp.

I will let you know this though – and please do keep in mind – this is not an overnight success. You should still be following a good quality nutritional plan. You should still be using something like the daily front edge protocol level, too. Using other products that are in something like our advanced prostrate support with the saw palmetto, the pygeum, etc, and now you can use red laser therapy along with that.

But even at that, go back to my podcast on hair loss. You’ll hear about it on Wednesday’s podcast which was 1510, and then there’s a previous podcast about all the different reasons which was on episode 1334. I give you all the reasons why people lose their hair, and that’s on episode 1334. Please check that out.

Here’s the thing though: this is not an overnight success. Even PRP. And I’ve talked about that before in a podcast (you can check out the podcast on PRP). Here’s what you need to know: it’s going take about 3 to 4 months – most likely 4 to 6 months – for you to see that noticeable difference. And that’s because there is a period of hair falling out, a period of neutrality, and a period of hair growth. That’s how hair works. There are 3 stages to it. And again, I give that in depth on episode 1334. So if you use a device like this, you want to make sure you give it at least 4 to 6 months. Even if you’re doing PRP, it’s going to take 3 to 4 treatments. And you want to give that 3 to 4 months because there’s no way you’re doing one treatment more than every 4 weeks.

What I want to share with you is the results of the study. You know that I’m a big research-based person. Two clinical studies using HairMax-based technology were conducted in multiple locations in the United States. It was a 6-month clinical study, and they measured the hair at week 1, week 16, and week 26.

This was a 6-month study, and basically measured halfway through at about the 4-month mark, and then they measured it at the 6-month mark. Results at 26 weeks show that over 90% of the men saw an increase in hair count; and by the way this works as well for women with androgenetic hair loss, and you can check out episode 1510 to see if it would work for you.

No subjects in the study experienced any serious, adverse side effects. In fact, the number of types of adverse effects were similar in the HairMax and the control group. They obviously had a control group which means it’s a good, controlled study, because you need the placebo versus the actual HairMax. The only side effects I’ve seen for most people, I just want to want to let you know from my research into this product, is a tingling or burning of the scalp – so that means you want to do less time with the actual unit.

Here’s what they found exactly: at 26 weeks the people using the HairMax had regrown 139.3 hairs per square inch. And that was a minimum of 21.6 hairs per centimeters squared, if you’re into centimeters.

Alright, now in the control group, instead of the 139.3 hairs grown per square inch it was 27.7. You can see that the HairMax versus the placebo (red laser versus the placebo) was far more effective.

The second clinical study, same thing, weeks 1, 16, and 26: and in this second clinical study, instead of 139 hairs per square inch it was 132.2 hairs per square inch – so pretty much the same result after 6 months. Again, 6 months, not a month! The control group was 17.4, so you can see obviously a marked difference.

If this is something that interests you, if you’re looking for using many different types of modalities to give you the best chance to regrow hair and just stop hair loss, I will link the unit up at But for sure, we know that PRP, we know that red light therapy, we know that certain herbs like I just spoke about, we know that an anti-inflammatory diet and getting rid of a lot of the heavy fats in your diet – cooked fats – and a normal amount of protein, all of those things are going to enable you to give yourself the best chance for keeping your hair and regrowing hair as well.

So hopefully this was helpful, as a lot of people have been asking about this, and I’m happy to be able to give you that review, and give you an honest recommendation of using it for 6 months, like the study, to really make sure that you can see those smaller, finer hairs begin to regrow.” 

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